Bergur Thomas Anderson

Bergur Thomas Anderson
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Bergur Thomas Anderson (b. 1988) is an artist and musician from Reykjavík, Iceland. In his research-based practice, he pulls together music and storytelling in to a carefully crafted atmosphere where the voices of others are blended with his own. Taking on the role of an image-excavator, Bergur uses existing elements from the realms of music, film theory and philosophy to perform the discourse of looking closer and repeatedly.

The act of finding or re-gaining something lost is a reoccurring theme within my practice and research. I develop these different parables as collages of obsessions I find in popular culture, film, theory and music. Telling stories is my way to navigate through the things that have left an affective imprint in me and I see my performances as contemplative spaces where ideas of spectatorship, presence and the movements between states can dwell together and be elaborated on. My performances resemble how you would re-tell a story of finding your mobile phone in a dark cinema hall, skimming surfaces and feeling the materialistic aspects of the invisible. I'm interested in the moment when one foot is in the virtual and the other in the real, and what is happening in the in between states of such radical affective, embodied and perspectival shiftings.