Bergur Thomas Anderson

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2015-2017: Master Artistic Research at The Royal Academy of Art / The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands.
2014-2015: Philosophy on B.A. level at The University of Iceland.
2008-2011: BFA from Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Selected shows:

2017. Laumulistasamsteypan's Kareoke Bar. at7, Amsterdam
2017. Hamur/Ham & the Clusterfog gig. Harbinger, Reykjavík.
2017. Relay. KABK, The Hague.
2017. The Shaker and Me. Performance during Open Studios of KABK, The Hague.
2017. The Ongoing Conversation #4. 1646, The Hague.
2016. Our crush on glossiness might be linked with our primitive desire for water. w/ Natasha Taylor and Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir. RAAR, Rotterdam Art and Radio.
2016. Lucky Seat. Performance at Mengi, Reykjavík. 2016. Þá það. Harbinger, Reykjavík.
2016. An infinite game of chance. LocatieZ, The Hague.
2016. When everyone is drunk it doesn't matter how it looks. Royal Gallery of KABK, The Hague.
2015. Kyrralíf / Still Life. Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland. Curators: Helga Páley Friðþjófsdóttir & Þorvaldur Jónsson.
2015. Hittingar / Acquaintances. Seyðisfjörður swimming pool garden. Residency & exhibition in collaboration with LungA art festival.
2015. Tropicalia. Eiðistorg. Reykjavík, Iceland. Curated by Kunstschlager team.
2014. Mucho Grandi. Art festival on Culture Night. Reykjavík, Iceland.
2014. Friends & Lovers. Kling & Bang Gallery. Reykjavík, Iceland.
2012. A little constellation: TITANO. Nottingham, England. Curator: Alessandro Castiglioni.
2012. Frumbyggi, seiður, án titils og móðir. Gallery 002. Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.


2017. Member of and co-founder of at7, an artist initiative and project space in Amsterdam.
2014-2017. Participant in Laumulistasamsteypan; a collaborative residency taking place in Hrísey, Iceland.
2012-?. Member and bassplayer of Grísalappalísa, a rock band.
2013-?. Member of Sagitaria Raga, an improvising music group with Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson & Tumi Árnason

Published material:

2017. RELAY. Collective artist publication.
2016. When Everyone is drunk it doesn't matter how it looks. Exhibition catalog.
2015. Grísalappalísa - "Sumar á Gríslandi" (album released on vinyl, edition of 500)
2015. Kyrralíf / Still Life. Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland. Exhibition catalog
2014. Oyama - "Coolboy". Album released on CD and cassette (edition of 2250 total).
2014. Grísalappalísa - "Rökrétt Framhald".
Album released on CD and vinyl (edition of 2000).
2014. Grísalappalísa - "Syngur Stuðmenn". An album released on 7 inch vinyl (edition of 250).
2013. Grísalappalísa - "Ali". Album released on CD and vinyl (edition of 2000).
2013. Grísalappalísa - "Syngur Megas". Album released on 7 inch vinyl (edition of 250).
2013. Oyama - "I wanna". Album released on CD (edition of 500).
2012. World Event Young Artists 2012. Nottingham, England. Exhibition catalog.
2011. Iceland Academy of Arts graduation show. Exhibition catalog.
2011. Annan hvern dag á öðrum stað. Exhibition catalog.
2011. Sæti fugl. Artist book. 13 copies.
2010. Litter-Box. Artist book. 50 copies.