Stonecarver's dilemma

Stonecarver's dilemma, with Ash Kilmartin (2019)
Interactive choose-your-own-adventure performance with music, live foley and dangerous snacks.
~ 45 minutes.

The audience becomes the Stonecarver protagonist of a story happening in the fictional town of Rottbridge, a place infected with the infamous dancing plague sometime in the middle ages. They know they were hired to execute a commissioned work for the local church, but soon discover that the epidemic, caused by mouldy grain, is spreading and are faced with a series of decisions each contributing to the outcome of the story. The performance is based on our collaborative research in to the story of the dancing plague of Strasbourg in 1518, and materialised itself in an old plague house in Amsterdam...

Performance at PuntWG, part of exhibition Kloppen AUB bel is kapot. Photos by Vera Mennens

Performance at Piet Zwart Institute. Photos by Jake Caleb and Daphne Simons


Also performed at Mengi, Reykjavík.