Unisong, 2024
Vinyl record
Edition of 200, released on Futura Resistenza
48 min

Unisong is like a second chapter in Bergur’s troubadour/trobairitz research (after Around the Songster’s Commune, 2022) and an exploration into/practicing of Bergur’s own poetic and melodic ability. It’s a beautiful experiment in unifying and synthesizing something of a conceptual nature with something autobiographical. Let's call it bare, easy-feeling, domestic pop. ‘Bare’ naked — and as in not-too-much-production. ‘Easy-feeling’ because that's how it feels. ‘Domestic’ á la John Lennon, Watching the Wheels, and as in home and living a life. ‘Pop’ because it is; because it’s for everyone.

It’s about travelling, longing, searching, finding — love.

– excerpt from press release text written by Katrina Niebergal

Listen here

Released on June 18, 2024
All tracks composed and recorded by Bergur Anderson
Except Katrina’s song, composed by and sung with Katrina Niebergal
Mixed & mastered by Albert Finnbogason
Cover image: Self-portrait as a guitar (2022) by Bergur Andersonv Inner sleeve photograph by Katrina Niebergal
Design by Koos Siep
Takk: Katrina, Gunnar, Diana, Nele & Frédéric

Inner sleeve photograph by Katrina Niebergal; meditating on Mt. Zas on Naxos, Greece in April 2022

Original blue linograph print, Self-portrait as a guitar (2022)