Bergur Anderson

Bergur Anderson
b. 1988 in Reykjavík, Iceland
Lives and works in Rotterdam

2015 — 2017   MA Master Artistic Research course at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2008 — 2011   BA Fine Arts, Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavík

Solo & duo exhibitions
2021   Ten of Moods — with Á. Birna Björnsdóttir, The Pole, Rotterdam
2019   The one and only body of The Hum and Lego Flamb, Harbinger, Reykjavík
2015   Hittingar (Acquaintances), Sundlaugargarður, Seyðisfjörður

Group exhibitions
2020   Recovery, curated by Irruptive Chora, Chalton Gallery, London
2019   I need a rhythm, project space at7, Amsterdam
2018   To that special someone, project space at7, Amsterdam
2017   Hamur/Ham & the Clusterfog gig, Harbinger, Reykjavík
2017   Relay, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017   The Ongoing Conversation #4, 1646, The Hague
2016   Þá það, Harbinger, Reykjavík

Sound & publications
2022                 (forthcoming) 37 meters of wax pipes, water, lights, motion sensors and aluminium sculptures — recording, composition and mix for Victor Santamarina's vinyl publicaton released on Futura Resistenza, edition of 40 hand-cut dubplates and printed booklet
2021                 Come to your senses EP.06: Like rocks, immersed in your body of water — guest on Katrina Niebergal's monthly radio show published on Good Times Bad Times community radio, Rotterdam
2021                 Night Time Transmissions, vinyl record released on Futura Resistenza, edition of 150
2021                 Shifting Dunes — drone compositions and field recordings for Vera Mennens' film
2021                 Poems — with Katrina Niebergal, self-published artist book, edition of 30, 110 pages
2021                 Greenness — contribution to Of womxn and other weeds, publication by Liza Prins and Layla Durrani
2019 — 2020   Monthly research mix Motto's journey broadcasted on Palanga Street Radio
2020                 Singing Club of Rotterdam & Audience at Antenne — composed and mixed cassette released on Antenne, Rotterdam, edition of 30
2020                 The Jeopardy by The Laumi Hat Collective — sound work contribution and mix for radio-exhibition broadcasted on Palanga Street Radio
2020                 Operating Manual for Floating in Space — recording, composition and mix for Mylan Hoezen's vinyl record released on Futura Resistenza, edition of 200
2019                 Stonecarver's dilemma (a shortcut) — with Ash Kilmartin, recorded, composed and mixed cassette released on Antenne, Rotterdam, edition of 30
2019                 Berghaim - Songs from the young Earth, published by Dr. Klangendum on Concertzender radio

2021     Night Time Transmissions — album release performance featuring Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir, Vera Mennens, Katrina Niebergal, Linus Bonduelle, Mylan Hoezen, Manon Verkooyen, Clara J:Son Borg & Marloes de Vries, at Peach and Roodkapje, Rotterdam
2021     Fathertongue radio performance on Palanga Street Radio, Vilnius
2021     Wyrtig, weedy house: Greenness — vocal workshop and performance with Liza Prins, Layla Durrani, Katrina Niebergal, Mylan Hoezen and Vera Mennens, Art Rotterdam
2021     Jambes concert, Brussels
2020     Poem canon #1 and #2 — two polyphonic pieces featuring Katrina Niebergal, Vera Mennens and Linus Bonduelle, Oratory Services project at Rib, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2020     Can you hear The Hum tonight?, Kaunas Artists House, Kaunas
2019     Can you hear the Hum tonight? — featuring Albert Finnbogason, Harbinger, Reykjavík
2018     Sooooooo what brings you here today?, Kiosk, Rotterdam 2018     Berghaim — featuring band Albert Finnbogason, Ásthildur Ákadóttir and Wesley Anderson, Iceland Airwaves Festival, Reykjavík

Collaborations and initiatives
2021                     Sunkiss — sound design and live mixing for Mylan Hoezen’s performance, at De Appel, Amsterdam
2020                     Language of Sound — sound-based workshop with Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir, Sandberg Insitute, Amsterdam
2019                     Operating manual for floating in space — musical direction and performer in Mylan Hoezen's performance project, at Roodkapje, Rotterdam
2019                     Kloppen AUB, Bel is Kapot — collaborative exhibition project made with Ash Kilmartin, featuring guest artists Lisa Kuglitsch, Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir, Arbeiter Brewery, and singers Gunnar Gunnsteinsson and Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir, at PuntWG, Amsterdam
2018 — 2021       co-founder and organizer of Singing Club of Rotterdam — initiated with Jake Caleb
2018                     Kunsthalle For Music — instrumentalist and singer in Ari Benjamin Meyers' performance, Witte de With, Rotterdam
2017 — 2021       co-founder and organizer of artist initiative project space at7

2022                 (forthcoming) Jambes, Brussels 2021                 Verpejos — with Katrina Niebergal, Lithuania
2020                 Hotel Maria Kapel — with project space at7, Hoorn, The Netherlands
2019 — 2020   Nida art colony, Lithuania
2018                 Research Academy 2018, Zurich University of the Arts, Zwitzerland
2018                 WORM sound studio, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2017                 Laumulistasamsteypan, Hrísey, Iceland