Kloppen AUB bel is kapot

Kloppen AUB bel is kapot. A collaborative project by Ash Kilmartin and Bergur Thomas Anderson with appearances by fellow townspeople Lisa Kuglitsch, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir, Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir and Arbeiter.

It’s just after harvest time, the autumn of 1519. Or 2019. It’s the aftermath of... of what? Strange things are happening in the village. Rumours of plague. Just ask at the tavern: there’s something a little odd about this year’s crop, the baker has gone mad, and the brewer is working overtime. Something around here smells a little off...

You, the itinerant artist, have just arrived to fulfill your commission at the abbey. But to complete your work, you must navigate village life, and find out what’s eating this town before it gets you too. The bell is kapot, you have to knock to get in. This is an exhibition in the form of a riddle, or a riddle in the form of an exhibition, set in a space and time very much like our own.

Exhibition at PuntWG. Photos by Vera Mennens.

Installation view; The Baker, The Broken Bell Tavern, The Hermit (above), Tavern, Market & Abbey gable stones and Barbara, the Baker’s wife.

The Beekeeper-Alchemist, The wasted Baker and entrance to the Broken Bell tavern.

The Hermit’s lounge on the mezzanine, with pillows and a guided meditation cassette.

The Official Stonecarver’s dilemma tour merchandise t-shirt for sale at the Market square.

Monophonic ocarina in the Abbey gift shop.

Smoke diffusing from the top of the Beekeeper-Alchemist.

Detail of the Broken Bell Tavern, beeswax candles, ceramic mugs.

Detail of Maud the Brewer.