Around the Songster's Commune

Around the Songster's Commune, 2022
Pro-dubbed cassette tape with risoprinted variant cover artwork
Edition of 100, released on Futura Resistenza
32 min

Around the Songster’s Commune is a sonic drift into troubadour poetry and song. It is collected meditations: compositional fragments, whimsy ditties, field recordings and experiments with troubadour song-making methodologies.

Listen here

Publication text by Katrina Niebergal

Recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by Bergur Anderson at Jambes, around Brussels, and in Rotterdam in 2022. Except XI recorded by Diana Duta.

Jambes is a recording studio in Brussels hosted by Diana Duta, commissioning new works by artists experimenting with sound and voice.

With thanks to Katrina Niebergal, Diana Duta and Frédéric Van de Velde for attentive listening, editing help and support.

Artwork by Cengiz Mengüç & Bergur Anderson.

Futura Resistenza, Brussels/Rotterdam, 2022 (RESK7002)