Berghaim - Songs from the young earth

Berghaim - Songs of the young earth, 2019
Conceptual album, radio drama
Published on Dr. Klangendum, Concertzender radio
60 min

Berghaim is a living face in the ground residing within vast mountain landscapes, from where he broadcasts voices from here and there through his pirate radio station, The Beginning. Every now and then he is visited by a pair of ducks, who are active practicioners of camouflaging techniques and play advanced games of hide and seek with Berghaim. His story takes place on a peculiar day, where, only one duck shows up. It is therefore up to Berghaim to assist the still-visible Duck in finding his missing companion, the elusive The Ghost Duck. On the way there, we discover Berghaim’s hidden, crusty layers and meet a fourth character, The Hermit’s Friend. This story reflects my research into Icelandic folklore traditions, the history of camouflage and the ways that animals hide within their near surroundings. Being hidden within a landscape and a self-made mythology are the themes explored through the fictionalized world of Berghaim.

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Image developed with Catoo Kemperman & Simon Becks in the early days of Berghaim