The one and only body of The Hum & Lego Flamb

The one and only body of The Hum & Lego Flamb, 2019
Installation with hay, ceramics, sound, drawings, floorplan guide, full-body camouflage suit and curtain
Solo exhibition at Harbinger, Reykjavík

Bushes are shaking, gentle metal rattles, a gust of wind blows through the accumulated hay on the floor.

Two sneaky characters who live in my practice get together. The Hum and Lego Flamb essentially embody the dualism of one who constantly makes sound, and the other, who listens to it. The exhibition includes a curtain and a full-body suit produced in collaboration with the fashion- and textile designer Karen Huang. Together, we designed a special pattern inspired by our investigation into the history of camouflage and appro- priated it to create a fabric which places all the exhi- bitions elements in to one fold. A sonic trace echoes in the space, made with composer/singer Pétur Eggertsson, responding to my interest in how voice can give rise to and identify these presences.

Photos by Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir

Before hand make up, when Lego Flamb’s body is still distinguishable from the background.


Two drawings of Lego Flamb on the job, practicing, reciting the mantra: Prep prep prep prep, prop prop prop prop, rec rec rec rec, walk walk walk walk...

Installation with curtain designed with Karen Huang.

...After hand-make up.

The Hum appearing in the guise of a commodified fan, making sounds not always heard, but definately felt. A nametage lies next to it, which hasn’t been worn since it dwelled in the Icelandic highlands where the most immersive drones were pro- duced.

Lego Flamb’s matches in the neighbourhood pool.