The Jeopardy by The Laumi Hat Collective

The Jeopardy, with The Laumi Hat Collective, 2020
Group exhibition adapted for radio
47 min

Welcome to Laumulistasamsteypan’s grand exhibition called THE JEOPARDY. The collective has gathered on the island working on the construction for months. However, the weather has not been kind and the long Icelandic winter has suddenly stretched out into the early spring. The roads are blocked with meters of snow and the wind has blown every trampoline off the island and into the sea. The ferry is loaded with icicles and nobody can travel to or from the island. The exhibition is therefore in jeopardy and all the hard work the artists have undertaken is about to go to waste since nobody can come to witness these extraordinary works of art.

But do not despair, dear visitor, the artists of Laumulistasamsteypan will not leave you hanging! Since you cannot approach the artworks we shall bring them to you wherever you are. The radio tour of THE JEOPARDY will inhabit not only the homes of the Icelandic nation whose doors are frozen shut but squeeze through every faraway speaker, airpod or car radio it can reach.

The Jeopardy is an exhibition adapted for radio by 16 members of the Laumi Hat collective.

The Laumi Hat is a collective of artists that have all taken part in Laumulistasamsteypan’s summer camps in Hrísey since 2014 👒

Participants are:
Arna María Kristjánsdóttir, Jesse Rivers, Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir, Sjoerd van Leeuwen, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir, Una Björg Magnúsdóttir, Minne Kersten, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir, Árni Jónsson, Natasha Taylor, Bergur Thomas Anderson, Annahita and Marjan Asgari, Veigar Ölnir Gunnarsson and Olga Elliot, Sjuul Joosen and Saulė Noreikaitė.


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