Night Time Transmissions

Night Time Transmissions, 2021
Vinyl record
Edition of 150, released on Futura Resistenza
40 min

Welcome to the world of Night Time Transmissions -- here/hear the anxious calls of sleepless tenants, interdisciplinary collaborations, night walks, urgent canons and chants of cosmic healing. Bergur Anderson's first album is an ode to the voice, and a deep dive into the rich waters of polyphony and polyphonic storytelling.

Listen here

Bergur Anderson as The Troubadour & Composer
Vera Mennens as The Architect
Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir as The Soloist & Night Time Healar
Gunnar Gunnsteinsson as The Janitor
Katrina Niebergal, Clara J:son Borg, Mylan Hoezen, Vera Mennens, Linus Bonduelle, Manon Verkooyen & Marloes de Vries as The Tenants & Flock, The Midnight Choir

Composed & recorded by Bergur Thomas Anderson
Additional arrangements & production by Gunnar Gunnsteinsson
Mixed & mastered by Albert Finnbogason
Drawings by Bergur Anderson
Design by Koos Siep
Text by Katrina Niebergal

Recorded between winter 2019 and winter 2020 at Nida Art Colony, my studio and home in Rotterdam, Zuidestrand, a small forest and Katrina’s house in The Hague & Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn

Takk to the voices & community of magicians who shaped and brought this work to the world with me — to my dear Katrina for countless contributions, believing, listening & editing — to Gunnar for his mentorship and bringing the music to a higher level — to Frederic’s love for new music — to CBK Rotterdam and Rannís for support and to the Singing Club of Rotterdam, Marina & Ghislain for sharing their voices during the development of this work